Dead Kennedys

"Holiday In Cambodia" b/w

"Police Truck"


The Stitches

"Four More Songs From The Stitches"

12" ep


Black Flag


12" lp


Jack Oblivian

"So Low"

12" lp

​(SFTRI 535)

The Stitches

"8 x 12"

12" lp


The Stitches

"You Tear Me Out" b/w

"My Reactions"


Exploding Fuck Dolls

"American Bomb" b/w

"Cheap Suits" & "Let's Go"



"Six Of The Best"

10" ep

​(SFTRI 383)

The Flesheaters

"Forever Came Today"

12" lp

(IRR 805)

The Rolling Stones

"Time Is On My Side" b/w


(DR 34147)

The Beatles

"Love Me Do" b/w

"P.S. I Love You"


Bikini Kill

"Pussy Whipped"

12" lp


The Stitches

"2nd Chance" b/w




"People Mover" b/w

"Slave to the Metal Horde"

​(SFTRI 426)

Red Hot Chili Peppers

"the Getaway"

12" dbl lp


Jack Oblivian

"American Slang"

12" lp

​(SFTRI 475)

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Sonic Youth

​"Kissability" b/w

"Hey Amy"


Richard Hell & The Voidoids

"Blank Generation" b/w

"Love Comes In Spurts"


Black Flag

"Jealous Again"

12" lp

​(SST 003)

Andre Williams & The Sadies

"Red Dirt"

12 lp

​(SR 9901)

The Rolling Stones 

"As Tears Go By"  b/w

"Gotta Get Away"

(DR 36987)

The White Stripes


12" lp

​(SFTRI 577)

The Beatles

"I Feel Fine" b/w

"She's A Woman" 


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Dirt Bombs

"High Octane Salvation" b/w

"Broke In Detroit (again"

​(SFTRI 423)

The White Stripes

"The Big Three Killed My Baby" b/w

"Red Bowling Ball Ruth"

​(SFTRI 578)

The Jack Saints

"Rock and Roll Holocaust"

12" lp


Dirtbombs / The White Stripes split

"Cedar Point 76" b/w

"Hand Springs" 


The Weirdos

"Destroy All Music" b/w

"Why Do You Exist?" & "A Life Of Crime"


Sex Pistols

"Something Else" b/w

"Friggin' In The Riggin'"


The Beatles

"I Am the Walrus b/w

"Hello Goodbye"


The Clash

"White Riot" b/w




"The Dwarves Are Young and Good looking"

12" lp



​"Bomb The Twist"

10" ep

(SFTRI 371)

The Rolling Stones

"The Last Time"  b/w

"Play With Fire"

​(DR 35209)

The Clash

"Combat Rock"

12" lp

​(PE 37689)

Sonic Youth


12" lp


Sex Pistols

"Anarchy In The U.K" b/w

"I Wanna Be Me"

​(640 112)


"Horror Stories"

12" lp

​(COXX VXS 200.037)

Dead Kennedys

"California Uber Alles" b/w

"Man With Dogs" 


Compulsive Gamblers

"Crystal Gazing, Luck Amazing"

12" lp

​(SFTRI 572)

Sonic Youth (Goo demos)

"Bookstore (mote)" b/w

"Lee" & "Dirty Boots"

​(DER 5001)

The Beatles

"Lady Madonna" b/w

"The Inner Light"