Bikini Kill

"Pussy Whipped"

12" lp


The Stitches

"2nd Chance" b/w



The Flesheaters

"Forever Came Today"

12" lp

(IRR 805)


"Horror Stories"

12" lp

​(COXX VXS 200.037)

Dead Kennedys

"California Uber Alles" b/w

"Man With Dogs" 



"People Mover" b/w

"Slave to the Metal Horde"

​(SFTRI 426)

The Rolling Stones

"Time Is On My Side" b/w


(DR 34147)

Compulsive Gamblers

"Crystal Gazing, Luck Amazing"

12" lp

​(SFTRI 572)

Black Flag


12" lp


Richard Hell & The Voidoids

"Blank Generation" b/w

"Love Comes In Spurts"


Red Hot Chili Peppers

"the Getaway"

12" dbl lp



"The Dwarves Are Young and Good looking"

12" lp


The White Stripes

"The Big Three Killed My Baby" b/w

"Red Bowling Ball Ruth"

​(SFTRI 578)

The Beatles

"I Feel Fine" b/w

"She's A Woman" 



"Six Of The Best"

10" ep

​(SFTRI 383)

Jack Oblivian

"So Low"

12" lp

​(SFTRI 535)

The Stitches

"8 x 12"

12" lp


The Jack Saints

"Rock and Roll Holocaust"

12" lp


Dirtbombs / The White Stripes split

"Cedar Point 76" b/w

"Hand Springs" 


Black Flag

"Jealous Again"

12" lp

​(SST 003)


​"Bomb The Twist"

10" ep

(SFTRI 371)

Sonic Youth (Goo demos)

"Bookstore (mote)" b/w

"Lee" & "Dirty Boots"

​(DER 5001)

Sex Pistols

"Something Else" b/w

"Friggin' In The Riggin'"


The White Stripes


12" lp

​(SFTRI 577)

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The Beatles

"Love Me Do" b/w

"P.S. I Love You"


The Beatles

"I Am the Walrus b/w

"Hello Goodbye"


The Rolling Stones 

"As Tears Go By"  b/w

"Gotta Get Away"

(DR 36987)

Sonic Youth


12" lp


The Rolling Stones

"The Last Time"  b/w

"Play With Fire"

​(DR 35209)

Dirt Bombs

"High Octane Salvation" b/w

"Broke In Detroit (again"

​(SFTRI 423)

The Weirdos

"Destroy All Music" b/w

"Why Do You Exist?" & "A Life Of Crime"


Exploding Fuck Dolls

"American Bomb" b/w

"Cheap Suits" & "Let's Go"


The Clash

"Combat Rock"

12" lp

​(PE 37689)

The Stitches

"You Tear Me Out" b/w

"My Reactions"


Dead Kennedys

"Holiday In Cambodia" b/w

"Police Truck"


Sonic Youth

​"Kissability" b/w

"Hey Amy"


The Clash

"White Riot" b/w



Andre Williams & The Sadies

"Red Dirt"

12 lp

​(SR 9901)

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The Beatles

"Lady Madonna" b/w

"The Inner Light"


Sex Pistols

"Anarchy In The U.K" b/w

"I Wanna Be Me"

​(640 112)

The Stitches

"Four More Songs From The Stitches"

12" ep


Jack Oblivian

"American Slang"

12" lp

​(SFTRI 475)