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Freud was a one man powerviolence project from Camarillo, CA.

  • Surf Nazis Must Die2:21

Archfiend Records is an independent label based out of Southern California that puts out garage, punk & other weirdo shit "from another dimension." 

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The E-Cigs was a unique LoFi/Noise Rock outfit out of Camarillo, CA. 


  • Hell's Child2:00

Richard Simmons Jazzercise Extravaganza (rsje)

"High up in the mountains, two guys came together to put out the most awesome garage-rock tracks this world had ever come across..." - Unknown

  • Platform Shoes3:03

Screaming Hands is a one man band based in Los Angeles, CA. His LoFi Garage Punk sound is hard hitting and loud, and he layers it with experimental rap making the entire album sound entirely original.